Our History

Our History

This is our history. Our family formed LOJJETTA Food Products on January 10, 2017. It was when we had our first official business meeting as a family. 

LOJJETTA stands for the name of each family members – Lorena, Oscar, Jean, James, Emirose Tresha, Theresa, and Agnes.  Moreover, the family does all the production and marketing operations.

The company’s first product was the Pure Tablea.  

We also added several healthy products utilizing the local produce of Bukidnon – pineapple jam, camote tops juice, blue ternate juice, buko juice, and carrot juice

Mission and Vision

The company is on its developing stage as a family-based enterprise. However, one of its goals is to be the leading producer of high-quality, healthy products in the province.  It is driven by its desire of promoting healthy food choices to its consumers; and also, of its desire for excellence.

It is the company’s mission to provide quality and affordable food products; as well as to provide employment to the locality as well.

We make our products out of passion to provide healthy options that are flavorful . All products are made from local and fresh ingredients, which helps impart fresh and clean flavor. This is to ensure satisfaction of our customers.