Buko Juice

Net Volume: 350 mL

Blue Ternate Juice

Net Volume: 350  mL

Camote Tops Juice

Net Volume: 350 mL

Carrot Juice

Net Volume: 350 mL

Pure Tablea

Net weight: 200 grams

Pineapple Jam

Net weight: 250 grams


Champorado de Tablea

Champorado de tablea - a chocolate rice pudding variation that uses pure chocolate known as tablea. Just boil the water, add the tablea and rice, and then stir while letting the rice cook.

Tablea de Batirol

Tablea de Batirol is an old tradition. It is a hot, thick, bittersweet chocolate drink made from local cacao beans. It is the most nostalgic of all drinks. Whether it's a little bit hot or cold, any time is a good time to have it.

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